The Key to a Productive Day!

As Irene Cara sang, “take your passion, and make it happen”. The key to a productive day is to start it right and premeditate the events of the day. Being furloughed for 4 months and then unemployed, you realize how much time you have to ponder life’s purpose and more importantly your purpose. For a long time, I didn’t think I had much purpose, I was too worried about the state of my affairs and how I was going to find a new job in a climate where it seemed people were more likely to win the lottery than get employed. Neither of these things happened to me.

The most demotivated I felt and low mentally was when I was sat on my tooshie doing nothing. When my partner came home and asked me what I did, for the first few weeks, my response was nada. Then I got real experimental with my time, I started new crazes that I thought would be interesting. The most notable was meditation; for those of you who know me you know that being still AND being silent is near impossible. I talk too much and a move too much. But I thought what the heck, If it worked for the woman in Eat, Pray, Love. It’s bound to work for me. So I did the thing. I crossed my legs, straightened my back, centered my head, and imagined that I was breathing in to a little flame at the core of my body like the people say. I tried to turn off my mind to all the garbage that was flying around and listen to the nothingness that was meant to rejuvenate and revive my soul.

I wish I could tell you I succeeded. The reality of what happened was way more typical Demi. I started thinking about what I was going to eat after this, then I wondered if we had it in the cupboards, then weirdly I started thinking about sex, and then I was aroused and too agitated to continue. So my attempts to mediate was very unsuccessful. Maybe one day I will have the mental maturity to ommm away my problems.

But in all seriousness, it was time that I got my shit together and started being productive. For me, I personally spent way too much time being a bum and my brain began to feel like scrambled eggs and my body felt week. I was letting a circumstance take over my routine. It also made me realize how much importance and dependency we put on work to establish a routine. I decided to do everything I want to do now that I had the time but it was not easy and there were things I had to prioritize before I became a busy bee without a job.

My saviors these days are books! I read on average 2/3 books a week and my mind is constantly running with ideas and inspirations! These were last weeks reads.


  • Keep a diary: Not the Gone Girl kind of diary but a diary where you can write just a few points about your day. I was started to forget what I had eaten, what I had done, and I felt like I did nothing. But when I looked back on the pages and saw what I did those days I felt more organized and accomplished. A diary also allows you to plan ahead the things you want to do and achieve. I find that writing down my goals for the day and ticking them off is super gratifying and I end up having a really productive and motivating day.
  • Try not to sleep in everyday: I know this may sound like such a mum thing to say but I cannot reiterate enough how life changing a early start can be. I can do more in my day and I am tired by the evening so I do not stay up until 4AM up in the feels or deep into someones profile on social media. The main aspect to a early rise is to establish a healthy sleeping routine. To get enough sleep and to regulate your sleeping pattern will affect your mood and behavior. Do yourself a favor and get up and instead of lounging in bed you can lounge on the sofa or you can start your day.
  • Invest in yourself and your future: By this, I do not mean start Bitcoining and learning to make tonnes of dollaaa, I mean invest in your quality of life. I know that we all have personal dreams and ambitions and a lot of them start with “If I had more time I would…”. Well now we have time, what are you going to do about it? I personally have reaped the rewards in investing in myself, my mental health has improved and I spent less time loathing my laziness and more time feeling proud of what I have achieved. Find what it is that you want to do and find a way to start doing it. No one is going to make your dreams happen except for yourself.
  • Plan your day: I plan my days either the night before or in the morning with my coffee. I set out what it is you want to do and stick to it. It also helps you form a routine where you day becomes productive and your mind is alert and ready to help you through the day. There is always things to do, I decorated, baked, read, wrote, worked out, called my friends, cleaned, bathed, watched TV, drank water, researched, read the news, learnt new skills. There is SO much to do and what is beautiful half of the things you can do are online and affordable. Companies have been investing in digital for years and have concentrated their attention more so now that we are all confined to our homes. Exploit it.
  • Get some o2: Now that we can go outside without timing an hour on our phones or jumping where a police car goes by, we should most definitely be taking advantage of the outdoors. This isn’t always motivating because the UK can be pretty dire on a rainy day and we want nothing more than to stay at home. But really, go outside, be around other people, browse the shops, take a stroll, do anything. It will really refresh you and the air is cleaner now in comparison to pre-covid due the reduced consumption of fossil fuels and transport usage.
  • Eat well, drink well. I cannot stress how important this is to having a productive day. Your body is like a car and will run on what your put in it. If you put cheap, processed, manufactured foods in your body you’re going to feel groggy, tired, and lethargic. Your body functions best when you love it and invest in it. Now that I have time, I made everything I can homemade. Literally, bread, cereal bars, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Everything that I can make by hand I will and this is because you can make it healthier and more nutritious which in turn fuels our body, mind, and soul, resulting in you having a better more productive day. Do not treat your body like a trash can.
  • Indulgence: When you start to cut bad habits out of your life, your will start to look forward to them as a treat. For example, eating like trash regularly is a habit. Eating like trash rarely is a treat that can look forward to. Sleeping in late every day is a habit, sleeping in every now and then is a treat. Doing nothing all day is a habit and doing nothing every now and then is a treat. This is how you can be productive and invest in yourself and indulge when you need it. I look forward to the days where I get to sit down and read a book all day. Or sleep in until 9am which is a lay in for me.

I really hope these tips help prepare you for a productive day. Like I said, these are at the bottom of the pyramid and when you do these things, you can start to build upon your routine and incorporate activities, hobbies, and so on. I see these pointers as breaking out of the lazy rut. Another thing that is important is consistency, you have to be consistent and patient. You cannot change years of habits in a week. It is a investment not a one off purchase. We all deserve to invest in ourselves, we just need to stimulate our minds and have the desire to work for what we want.

Have a good day and get some fresh air!!!

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Demi Anne x

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