The Month Long Vacation.

So, It has been a very long month since I last posted on my blog. God, I really didn’t think i’d be the type to sleep on something that I cared about, but I sleep on my boyfriend so I guess it’s the same thing right?

It has been a very long, interesting, and questionable month. The pandemic is still prevailing and the world around us in crisis, to top it all off, it is raining cats and dogs right now. However, out of all the shit shows that are taking place right now, the rain is the least of my problems. Even though I haven’t shown up to my weekly blog post, I have been living my life and pursing other ambitions in the meantime. I think I mentioned a few blog posts ago that writing a novel was a aspiration of mine hence, the very expensive English Literature degree. Gratefully, I now find that I have all of this excess time on my hand to revel in the things I love most including but not limited to, reading, writing and eating. These interests have been pretty fundamental to my daily routine and I could not be happier to be improving my writing skills and expanding my library. Waterstones is responsible for my worrying financial situation… oh and the fact I lost my job two days ago *sigh*.

So before I fully pledge my life back to the blog, I just want to provide some updates on what has been happening besides drinking red wine. One person has got to care right? Even if it is me.

Unemployment: I lost my job
It is hard to complain about this because I know so many people will have lost their jobs during this time and will be joining me on the unexpected journey know as “seeking god damn employment”. My former boss informed me that I lost my job just two days ago. It is safe to say I was sat on my step sniffling like a little baby and mentally saying goodbye to my beautiful apartment that I share with my boyfriend. But then it occurred to me, just get your shit together and start looking for another job. Simples. But is it? No it is not. I premeditated that I would be let go and have been searching for a job ever since. The only promise I made to myself was that I would only apply to jobs that I loved, I didn’t want to end up looking for another job because I sold out and took a job I hated just to pay the bills – that is no way to live.

I started thinking about side hustles, I heard that selling picture of your feet was super profitable, probably more so than boobie pictures OR there are more traditional side hustles like tutoring and so on, so I have just been exploring my options. I have applied to about 387475647623 jobs and it seems that 387475647623 people have rejected me also, it has started to get me bummed out and quite frankly fed up and ready to sell my feet to strange men. I just don’t get it, I did the whole degree thing, I did the whole get a part-time job, get a summer internship, travel the world, volunteer your time, have side projects, speak two languages, don’t have a criminal record, be literate and apply to our job. I DID ALL OF THE FRIGGING THINGS SO WHY ON THIS OCCASION HAVE YOU DECIDED TO NOT MOVE FORWARD WITH MY APPLICATION… DO I HAVE BAD BREATH?

I have gained a thick skin through this job hunting thing and take each rejection like a pinch of salt because I gained some perspective. There are thousands of people who are talented and experienced and as eager as I am. It doesn’t mean they are better than me, it just means that it was their time and their opportunity and mine is around the corner. I just have to persevere and keep on keeping on. Doesn’t mean it is easy. So, I want to just reassure everyone who is facing this same shitty situation that it is temporary. It might go on for a long time but it won’t be forever. Just have a little faith and allow yourself to breath during this time and enjoy the things you miss out on when you’re grinding away.

Demi Anne – The Baker
Even though I lost job, I did not lose my sweet tooth and have had many buns in the oven. Not babies, BUNS. This is a true passion of mine and it is something that I am good at and just never had time to invest into it. I have been Instagramming literally every concoction that has left my oven and has left your guys mouths watering. I have only recently been dabbling with the healthier alternatives, mainly because my partner and myself live really healthy lifestyles and my brownies for breakfast and cake for dinner diet wasn’t really making us Baywatch worthy.

I just made some super nice cereal bars because they are healthier homemade in comparison to the shop bought ones and they are by far wayyyyyyyy tastier. So, with my time I have been baking like crazy and it has actually inspired me to look into a side hustle of selling my cakes because they taste SO good. I may be bias but I have had feedback from plenty to know that they ooze goodness and can earn me some dollar. So food for thought, or should I say cake for thought?

Work, work, working out.
Previously, I had posted about my fitness journey and received a lot of feedback. Since then, I have boarded the gainz train and dropped weight like it was hot. I am incredibly proud of how far I have come in my fitness journey over the last year. It is amazing what confidence you can build for yourself just by taking care of your body and treating like a…. you know what I am going to say… temple.

I have always struggled with loving the skin I was in and now that I have finally gotten to a place when I strong mentally and physically, I can breath. I am not saying this is the only way to feel good about yourself but my body before was the product of too many VK’s and domino’s at uni. That is not a sustainable way to live. So another outlet during this time off has been working out. I have tailor made myself a months plan, as I am hoping to go to Greece, that consists of strength and cardio training with a huge focus on my nutrition. I love to eat and have always worked out so I could eat more but I was just not seeing the results that I craved as much as chocolate, so 2 weeks ago, I made the executive decision to take my progress into my own hands and be done with the sweeties.

These are just a few things that I have been doing. I have done so much more but I do not need to gush about it. I am looking foward to contuning working on my novel and also finding time to blog, it is important to show up to all of your commitments and this is one that I have been neglecting.

I hope you are all well and safe and living your lives the best you can right now.

Thank you to everyone that has been there for me during this uncertain time, it means everything and more, hopefully I can do the same for you.

Demi Anne x

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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