How to be helpful when you feel helpless.

The riots in the United States of America are symbolic of the pain and hurt that has been long repressed in the African American Community. I cannot help but feel like a spare piece in a movement that needs support, voices and resources. Surely it should be obvious what we can do to help.

Many people have expressed their outrage about the murder of George Floyd and all of the other innocent victims of police brutality, their names are above and should be spoken and remembered each day. Sadly, this crime does not stop with one victim and it will take all of our power and might to put an end to injustice, racism and discrimination. I find it hard to know what I can do to help, I sometime wonder if I even have a place to comment upon these events, but then I remember that speaking up is the most important thing to do. To make your voice heard on platforms you have access to. I know people who feel so outraged by these murders and crimes but feel as though they have no place to comment because they are white or they aren’t as informed as they would like to be.

This lack of confidence and silence does not necessarily mean they have chosen the side of the oppressor, but it does mean they need guidance, support and education upon these matters so that they can make a difference too. In light of all of the recent activism on social media, it is easier now more than ever to gain access to resources and information that can inform and guide your voice. It is important now more than ever to learn how to channel our anger and our feelings towards productivity and change. For years we have neglected and denied our responsibility in helping other ethic minorities. Our ignorance is a product of our society and our upbringing, but as independent individuals with access to the internet and a moral compass, we can make the choice to educate ourselves and to be better so that we can work better together.

Here are some resources that can help you educate yourself and support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement…

The most important…
Talk to the people you know who will be experiencing pain during this time. Reach out to your friends, family, neighbors or strangers, all of whom belong to ethnic minorities and will be feeling hurt and angry because their community and country have let them down, people have refused to listen. Make yourself available for them. For those who need a shoulder to lean on. A voice to help magnify their own. A extra body to show that racism is a choice. Be empathetic. Be understanding. Be pure. Be honest. Be loving.

I am so sorry to everyone who has endured pain and suffering due to our ignorance. It has taken us all too long to take responsible and to stand up for what we believe in. I am sorry that the people who are meant to protect you and keep you safe do the exact opposite. I am so sorry that people choose to be racist and not human. I am sorry that people have let you down. They will do better. We MUST do better.


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