Love does NOT discriminate.

Love truly does know no bounds and is a sentiment that keeps humans… well human. We cannot help who we love and we cannot just switch it off or back on. Love is elevating and safe. Love is confusing and frustrating. Love is trusting and spontaneous. It is a gift that once given, needs to be nurtured. Too many people take the love they have for granted, whether it comes from a partner, friend or family member. The way to lose something you love is to take it for granted and to stop nurturing it when it becomes a part of your life. The example I always draw to is having your own Love Plant. It is so exciting when you get it, you get to look after it, feed it, kiss it? and put it in safe places. But after a while, it gets tedious pouring all of that love into your plant and things get in the way. Before you know it, what was once a strong, healthy and radiant plant is now a wilting, limp and quite frankly an ugly plant – love needs you to show up consistently and to love consistently.

For those of you who are in love or have love in your life, count your blessings and go a water that plant. Make it glow today.

Imagine what we could achieve as a population if we learnt to love unconditionally, to love souls and not bodies, to love intentions and not mistakes, to love people the way that we want to be loved.

Love does NOT discriminate.

I am sure that we have all read the devastating news in America, Minneapolis, about George Floyd who was unjustly killed a few days back. Floyd’s death has sparked an outcry for justice among minorities. The reason this comes to my mind when writing this blog post is because love isn’t always about romance. Love is about loving your neighbor and loving your community. How can you love a community that discriminates? Too many times I hear uncensored conversations thrown around in jest that harness racial slurs or discriminate intentions. Whether you’re brown, white, black, pink or purple, you deserve the same love, respect, care and dignity as everyone else on this planet.

Every year we commemorate historical events that have caused mass genocides and wiped out millions of people belonging to a particular race but yet, day after day we are still making the same mistakes. Just because people aren’t forced to sit on opposite sides of the restaurant any more, or wear stars of David on their arms, or walk around branded or are publicly humiliated because of their gender does not mean that people are not suffering around the world due to discrimination. Imagine what we could achieve as a population if we learnt to love unconditionally, to love souls and not bodies, to love intentions and not mistakes, to love people the way that we want to be loved. The world would be more resistant to hate if we learnt to love people regardless of their exterior and learnt to know what was inside.

It hurts me to think that people are restricted to who they can love because they aren’t from the right religion, they do not have X amount of money, they aren’t your parents ideal gender, they are little bit too dark or too light for your ideal or they simply are just born in the wrong country. To deny or fight away love for any of these reasons is cowardice and ignorance. It is loving a set of ideals constructed by society more than loving and trusting your own gut. You were not born wit hate, you let it manifest inside of you. You made that choice. The beauty of morality is that it exists in us all, so when we make decisions that are potentially lethal, we have to go through a thought process a sort of moral balancing to make that call. This means you have a choice to be better and to do better. Think about your actions.

I know what it means to be the butt of a racial slur or joke. To be harassed and discriminated against because I am a woman. I understand what it means to be racially abused in the street. Luckily sticks and stones may break my bones but racists will never hurt me. I learnt to practice the love and respect I wished to see in the world and therefore, I feel comfortable with who I am and what I put out into the world. I want you to do the same. I want you to think about the way you treat other people or look down upon others because they are different to you. How do you make sure that you contribute to a better world. Imagine your child, family member or friend was abused in front of you because they were different. But you were also someone who treated people like crap?

Love is a gift and it is superior. When we realize it is the only weapon we need in the war of adversity and hate, we will win and we will make a difference. It’s crazy because we all know someone or we have all been victim to hate but yet we put it out into the world. We make that choice. So today, I ask you to remember that love does not discriminate and if you find that it is still discriminating, you need to realize that it is not love but ignorance.

Do NOT make your colleague feel as though her clothes are too sexy.

Do NOT make a stranger feel as though they are inferior to you.

Do NOT insult another because they are different to you.

Do NOT make your classmate go home and ask their parents why they are different.

Do NOT be the reason people try and conform and fit in, so they can go unnoticed in society.

Do NOT be the reason someone is ashamed to look in the mirror.

Do NOT be the reason someone loses their life.

#JusticeforFloyd #JusticeforAll

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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