No One Can Stop You Achieving Your Goals

That’s right, be you’re own cheerleader and knock all the haters out the way with your pompom. I honestly cannot express how important it is to believe in yourself. Although, sometimes it is hard because we constantly compare ourselves to other people, it is a worthwhile endeavor that we should all try and do. I know too many people who are held back from doing the thing they want the most, whether it’s learning a second language, asking a person out, saying no to someone, signing up to Tinder, going on the X Factor, quitting their god awful job or even starting a blog. All of these things can only be achieved if you believe in yourself. Before I started this blog, I paced up and down my apartment like the Grinch telling myself there’s no point, No one will care, you’re shit at writing, what will people think?. It got to a point where I was like why on earth did I ever want to start a blog?

“Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.” –Bruce Lee

But my friends and partner soon showed me the light and reminded me that I was being a lil’bish. It was true. I am such an advocate of self-love and confidence that I couldn’t understand why I was hesitating about doing something it was that I loved and always wanted to do. I wanted to slap me in the face. But when I look back at it, it was because I didn’t believe in myself to start a blog. In my eyes, it was like having a baby, constant care and commitment, fueling it with new ideas every other day and nurturing your following so that they don’t die away into the background. It was a lot and I knew if I started, there was no going back. It was kind of like cutting your hair short, once you do it, you just have to wait for it to grow back and maintain its health.

Anyway, being your own fan is integral to achieving your goals. It is so easy to demotivate yourself into doing something that you really want to do. A huge example is going to the gym. So many people have gym memberships or have desired to go to the gym. However, they are easily put off by the Popeye’s and Gym Shark Clan to even get to the doors of the gym. Yet, they continue to pay their memberships in hope that one day, their fairy god mother will abracadabra them into the gym and they will be pushing 387848kg on the Smiths Machine. The people that have this fear do not believe in themselves to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. They think that they will go to the gym and it will be like high school; people will laugh at them for lifting just 5kg with questionable form. The truth is, if everyone thought this way, only a few of us would achieve our goals, oh wait, only a few of us do.

When you stop worrying and doubting yourself you have more time for a little wine.

It is not easy to believe in yourself when there is always someone hotter, fitter, smarter, healthier, rounder, thinner, bigger, bluer, redder, happier, wealthier, poorer, more ambitious and funnier than ourselves. It makes us think that there is no point carrying on doing our thing because once we achieve one goal, someone else would’ve done it better and set a new goal.

My advice is to stop comparing yourself to other people. One thing that really helped me was unfollowing people on Instagram who did not add to my life. How on earth am I meant to post a cute photo of myself when above it is Kylie Jenner looking all thick and below is Gabby from the gym who’s abs could be a xylophone. So I decided to cleanse my social media feed and I have never looked back. It is not that I do not support other people’s success, it is just that it did not help with measuring my success. Maybe in 1 years time I’ll have abs like a xylophone or i’ll be a rich as Kylie Jenner, probably not, but maybe. It was about looking at things that motivate me not demotivate me.

I am my own biggest fan because I let myself believe I can do things. Every time I post a blog post I go into thinking if people read it they read it if the don’t they don’t, at the end of the day I did something I wanted to do and I believed in myself to do it.

When you start believing in yourself and being your own biggest fan you will start to see huge differences in your life. Your perception of yourself will be more positive; the work you produce will be of a better standard; the relationships you build around you will be stronger; you will start to do more things outside of your daily routine; you will stop second guessing yourself and make stronger decisions and finally, you will be able to offer people support because you are in a happy and healthy position to do so. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something or try and keep you contained in a box. We already have so many social constraints around us and are governed by our daily routines. If you’re scared to try something new just remember you’ll never know if you’re good at something unless you try it. It is far more inspiring to be the person that was happy they tried than pissed off because they regret not doing something. Change start with you.

So challenge yourself. Do something that you have always wanted to do, I have listed some things below that I think many people struggle with doing because they don’t believe in themselves enough.

  • Apply for a job that you think you’re under qualified for and take a chance on your own merits
  • If you’ve been thinking about going on a date with someone but haven’t because you don’t know if they will like you, go on that date, you’re perfect.
  • Take up a new form of exercise, especially during quarantine, it is hard enough being locked up for most of the day so find an excuse to get out.
  • Sign up to an online course in something you’ve been wanting to learn, do or create. It will only benefit you in the future
  • Start writing a blog, vlogging, create an Instagram food channel or fitness page.
  • Quit your job. If you’re unhappy in your job but you are staying because you think that is our only option, quit now or you never will.

There are so many more things that I could put there, but I won’t because only you know what it is that you need to do to be better and happier!

Stay alert 😉

Demi Anne x

Published by Besitoss

23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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