Life after Graduating: What they don’t tell you!

Remember how many people would tell you to enjoy your uni days as they will be the best times you had? Remember how as a fresher we’d listen to third years cry about graduating soon and we were like what sad losers they are. Well, let me tell you something, I became that sad loser.

I had never felt more cat-fished by a concept than I did graduating. Like remember your graduation and you felt so proud to be there, now I’m proud if I catch the right train to work or if I remember to shower that day.

Every graduate ever.

I went to Royal Holloway University and if you went there too, lets have a moment of appreciation for the infamous SU. When I think of the SU I think of regrets, mistakes and memories made. I think of VK’s being spilled down me; cheesy chips that I often stole ofF people; Using my boobs to push through the bar line; sitting in the smoking area with the girls discussing the potential and finally, flirting with the security guard because I knew I was way too hammered before I got there and there was no way I was getting in. Oh wait, one more thing, I remember when Losing it came on and the whole dance floor became an electrified madness (a ket den). I have only fond memories until my last few months at RHUL.

How I became the sad loser…

I remember I once cried to a poor 18 year old on one of the benches one February SU night in the blistering cold telling them how they should hang onto their youth before reality sucks it away. I also told them to live their life now because it will all be too late (I was very dramatic). I also tried to convince them I wasn’t and old loser lecturing them but I saw in their eyes all that they wanted to do was escape my wrinkles grasp and continue dancing to some Skepta. My point is, I looked forward to graduating but life smacked me in the face like this lock down. I had never felt more cat-fished by a concept than I did graduating. Like remember your graduation and you felt so proud to be there, now I’m proud if I catch the right train to work or if I remember to shower that day.

Here are a few photos on my graduation day blissfully living my best life before shit hit the fan 7 times in a row.

Don’t get me wrong, my life right now is pretty good. I am happy, furloughed, refraining from drinking 3 times a week and living in London. But there are some things I wish Mrs Lecturer would have told me before I shook my Principal’s hand and accepted my scroll worth £50,000 in fees. Let me tell you what I learnt out here.

  • No one is going to help you.
    Remember at Uni and they were like graduate jobs are everywhere. Getting that degree will be the key to your success. Let me tell you, I graduated and search vigorously for a graduate job, they’re not easy to find and they not even easy to get. It was easier to find Paul Layzell (I saw my principal 1 time in 3 years) on campus than it was to get a job.
  • The degree is not the key to success.
    I am a huge believer in the concept of university. Moving away from home, learning life skills, getting laid, getting messed up and meeting life long pals. Oh and a degree. You will find that unless you discovered The Holy Grail during your studies, you are not guaranteed anything. The degree is not the key to the success, it is the skills you learn during university that make you employable, the degree helps, but you need way more.
  • Say goodbye to first love.
    I personally did not date anyone from my uni during my time there, I kissed a few frogs but dating them wasn’t on the cards. But I do know many people who have strayed from their ‘soul mates’ after graduating. I’m not saying this is a given, but accepting that life can steer you in many different directions is important. It can steer you away from the thing you thought you wanted most.
  • Your job may not be related to your degree.
    Listen, do not be surprised if you studied finance and ended up working as a Restaurant Manager. Or if you studied French and ended up on a Graduate Programme in Sales. Unless you have a plan, goal or motivation for a specific career, you could end up doing absolutely anything. I studied English Literature and Spanish and I work in Events.
  • TAXES SUCK. I don’t know if I need to expand on this.
  • You are not a Big Name on Campus or a Big Shot.
    You will find that you are a little baby sea turtle in the sea who is about to be stepped on, eaten by a shark, kidnapped by a vulture or caught in a fishing net. You have to really grind to make your dream happen. There is no secret passage, unless you Dad knows a guy, to your success. You will mostly likely be devalued or someone’s bitch for a lil while. But that’s okay. It’s about how you grow passed that stage that matters. You won’t be there forever and you will build the network you want around you.
  • Say goodbye to your international friends.
    THIS IS ALL TOO REAL TO ME. When you graduate, unless you all find a flatshare and your international friends get jobs here, you will be saying goodbye until your schedules align and you can afford a plane ticket. This has been difficult for me. Me and my friends have been super lucky to be able to travel for each other. I cannot thank them enough for the effort they put in to keeping our relationship thriving. But there are some people who it is harder for me to see due to distance. I’d give anything to have all my friends on the same continent once again. One day. @lexaraeofsunshine

Well, you know there are some real positive things about graduating too and becoming an adult. But I believe this will be saved for another blog post so stay tuned. My advice to you know if you have not graduated yet, is firstly, enjoy quarantine, and when you get back next year, kill it. Don’t worry yourself too much. Life exists outside the uni bubble so enjoy your bubble now!! Because life is no walk in the park. It’s more of a walk on a plank with sharks, whales and Krakons underneath.

Stay at home folks.

See you on the flipside.

Demi Anne x

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