Sweet Sweet Isolation!

Isolation can be considered anything but sweet. Especially at this point where we are running out of things to do and moan about. I believe that no matter how shitty a situation may be, or how it presents itself to us, beneath the surface is fun to be had. Well, fun is relative and I find fun in even the most ridiculous circumstances, for instance, I find fun in hiding in the shower curtain and scaring whoever will next use the toilet… in my defense, a good old scare my get things moving in that department a lot quicker!

I have decided to make my isolation sweet, intoxicating, fun and communicative. I use Instagram often and I am sure if you follow me on Insta and are reading this, that you agree with me. With that being said, I am a notorious pancake fanatic and spend my early hours mixing, flipping, experimenting and tasting all kinds of pancakes. Some of which have made people hungry enough to seek out my recipe. When they do, I get torn between being Mr. Krabs from Spongebob and hiding my secret recipes from the world or being like Betty Crocker and packing it up for commercial awareness and profit. Profit sounds good at this point. But so does impersonating Mr. Krabs… dilemma!

“Isolation with you would make me fat!!!, but you’d be getting fat with me.”

Above are my babies of the week. My sweet treats that entice the world. I am joking… or am I?

My personal favorite are the Cinnamon and Sugar Pancakes topped with Mini Eggs. Making these was completely spontaneous, I wanted to try and test the boundaries with what I had in the cupboard. To me, the pancakes tasted like Christmas with a hint of too much free time.

Baking really does something to me. It relaxes me when I need it most and provides me with comfort food for the later hours to come. Being in isolation has been testing, especially when trying to obtain ingredients for cooking. Flour is scarce but I know a little hidden Gem in Streatham that sorts me right out. I slip into the side door and stock up on the addictive white substance (not cocaine) and potter back to my house to bake the day away!

But there are things that I miss deeply. For one, getting dressed up and fooling around with the girls. Living in London generally means that my apartment is the ‘meet-up place’ for everyone. With clubs, restuarnts, parks and shops literally on my doorstep, there really is no other option. I miss my house being filled with Gavin and Stacey references, Conversations in English and Spanish (I am bilingual), Drinking games, secrets that have been kept till our next meeting and the sound of doing absolutely nothing with the people I love the most. It really is a time of reflection and being thankful for the moments I had and will have. But I still can’t stop waiting around for a knock on the door and the sound of my crazy Cornish friend telling me to stop being a ‘knob’ and ‘to put the kettle on’.

It really is a strange time, as I have mentioned before, I cannot help but try and make the most of this time though. I mean, there have been days where I have just lazed around and counted how many hairs that are on my head (figure still tbc) but most days I try to keep with a healthy routine. I try to exercise everyday knowing that if I don’t we will need my door frame augmented before quarantine is over. I have this incredible skill that involves bottomless eating at all times of the day. A girl just loves her grub! It doesn’t help that my partner eats like he’s got a permanent case of worms! But we both exercise daily, so I guess we safe from Muffin Tops for a while… speaking of maybe i’ll make muffins next?

If you still reading to this point, I owe you a huge thanks and a stack of pancakes. I hope you are taking care of yourself during this time. You must be incredibly bored or extremely nosey because you’ve ended up on my blog page. Thanks a bunch anyway!

See you on the flip side!

P.S: I am taking baking recommendations in the comments. I will try and make as many as my flour supply will allow šŸ™‚

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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