Happy Easter! Feliz dia de Pascua! Buona Pasqua! Joyeuses Paques!

A cute Bakery where I wish I was during this time.
I used to order the cute little carrot cakes 🙂

Easter is celebrated all over the world. It is a holiday that means different things to different people. For followers of Christ, it is the day of his Resurrection and for those who follow old pagan traditions, it is a day named after the Goddess of Rebirth (Eostara) – a time were the Earth embraces Spring and flowers begin spout from the freshly cut lawn and hay fever poisons us all (my nose has not stop running).

Many people believe Easter is another case of Capitalism, an occasion that has seeped its way into our annual calendar costing us a steep £5 per egg for every family member! But I see it as much more than that. For me, it was a time where I stopped doing dumb shit at Uni and flocked back home for free food (and cuddles). I am grateful that my family invest time and energy into making Easter a Shindig! With red wine being generously poured into our glasses; chocolate egg gifted with cheeky little £10 notes stuffed in the side; the smell of Lamb filling all rooms of the house (even as a vegetarian, I can appreciate the smell of slow roasted Lamb) and finally, the warm embraces of loved ones and the stubbly kisses of the grumpy men in the family! Easter to me means family and this year, I am not spending it with them. I will be spending it with new family, in my new home with new traditions.

What I wouldn’t give to be at home arguing with my Dad about his cooking or playing around with my overly boisterous dog, Rocky! – See below

Rocky – the ridiculously pampered Cockapoodle!
Also known as my Dad’s favorite child.

However, this is an opportunity to stop looking at what I don’t have this year and start appreciating what I do have. The Coronavirus has deprived me of a lot of social contact but instead of sending out an arrest warrant for it (which i wish was a viable option), I am looking for ways to connect with the outside from the inside and by that I mean a good ol’ phone call. I happily made the rounds and feel so much more connected to my family today. I know many people are unable to celebrate with their loved ones today, but don’t be disheartened, use the world wide web to connect. Whatsapp isn’t just for chatting someone up or scandalous group chats, it is a great way to check in on everyone you love – so do it. If you are lucky enough to be with your family today, make the effort to appreciate it as more than just another day in quarantine, it’s a day where many people are envious of you.

I thought i’d share with you some of the things I will be doing this Easter Sunday to make it special…

  • Make a roast dinner with homemade Yorkshire puddings.
  • Play Monopoly and win once again… My goal will be to purchase Park Lane
  • To drink at least One bottle of Red Wine
  • Listening to cheesy music that requires a sing -a-long, to annoy the neighbors. (Background on my neighbors, I feel like annoying them because they are on the sun facing side of our street and have a balcony- quarantine has just been one big holiday for them!)
  • Eat chocolate off my partner… oops I meant with my partner.
  • Hydrate or Die- every day is drink lots of water day.
  • Watch an Easter Movie and eat mini eggs
  • Call the girls and make sure they are thriving!
  • Say thanks for the day and black out in my bed.

Enjoy your Easter day, eat too much and defintily drink too much!

Please do share your own Easter Experiences below! I’d love to know what Traditions you have or how you spend it.

Also, I want to thank all of my friends and family for the support they have shown me during this time, truly grateful to know you, love you and enjoy life with you!

See you on the flip side! x

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23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

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