You vs Quarantine

Welcome to my first ever blog post, it is my first but it will not be my last!

I moved to Central London in October 2019 and fell immediately in love with my area. With cafes galore, parks at every turn and cheerful faces to be seen almost everywhere (not to mention the pub strip where people start boozing from Wednesday afternoon till Sunday), it is no doubt I was super excited for the summer to come in my new neighborhood. But then shit hit the fan. Like it really hit the fan to the extent that I nearly fled this lovely neighborhood to hibernate in the Shire till all this passed over (the Shire being where my parents live – in the middle of nowhere).

Needless to say that I am referring to COVID-19. If you haven’t heard of it yet… oh wait we all have!

The biggest challenge of quarantine is keeping a healthy and balanced routine. How can we keep any element of routine in our lives when the outside world is at a standstill?

I personally think that even though we are all in a state of disarray, there is a lot to be achieved during this time. Not just financially, but emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Having worked a 9-5 in a stress job, I can hand on my heart say I am thankful for this time of serenity and reflection. I believe that we should take this time as an opportunity as it will not happen again, hopefully for a long time.

I know there are times where being stuck in doors sucks, like big time but you a being forced into an environment that challenges you. It is about how you deal with this challenge that will determine whether you have have a good day or not. If you choose to wake up and think “fuck another day trapped in the house with the kids, the other half, by myself or the dog” then you are setting yourself up for a day of frustration and failure. It takes a strong mind and consistency to overcome this mentality, but with your own efforts you can overcome a lot of the mental trials that will present themselves to you. Look to yourself to see how you can make a difference, no one can help you if you aren’t willing to help yourself.

Did you have enough time to yourself when you were working? Probably not. How many times did you say you’d learn a new language if you had the time? One to many. How many times have you thought about having ‘you time’? Most of the time. Well now you have it. You have this time to really get in touch with yourself and seek out what it is that you want and what is most important to you.

I always wanted to start a blog. I didn’t/don’t think I have anything particularly groundbreaking to talk about but it was something I wanted to do nonetheless. I have also seen many of my friends embark upon their own enterprises and ambitions during this time and quite frankly, it has been inspiring to see. So I decided to take this step myself and not allow myself to be held back by anyone or anything, especially not the CORONAVIRUS (Cardi B voice).

If you find it hard to know what it is that you want during this time, that is fine. We rarely know what we want. In fact, our wants and needs are consistently changing but that is what makes us human. It is also okay to do absolutely nothing during this time and spend the time being dedicated to your own needs. No one is judging you but for those of you with a feeling inside that is urging you to do something, I beseech you to do it. You never know what it could blossom into.

The world we live in is chaotic, competitive and challenging. Personally, I always feel like i’m sprinting to the next finish line. I cannot believe that my sprint has now become a marathon and I have the luxury of time. So much time! Take advantage of this period and heal yourself. The Earth is Healing. The NHS are healing our loved ones. Businesses will begin to heal. Families who are too busy for each other now how the time to heal and you have time to heal.

With all this being said, I cannot wait to see all of my loved ones again and my friends. I know all too well how much everyone is struggling right now. But is is strength and acceptance that will push you through this… and a few bottles of wine and FaceTime Chats!

See you on flip side!

Published by Besitoss

23 year old living in England's beautiful capital London! I have learnt that there is always an adventure to be had. No matter what part of the world you are in or what your bank account tells you. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can experience.

7 thoughts on “You vs Quarantine

  1. So you: beautiful, funny and profound. And of course, so true and really. It says a lot of your character that you take your time to support others.


  2. Inspiring words as alway my lovely Demi.

    The one thing that resounds with me the most is that, right now is that people all over the world have gained something so important that we take for granted allays, and that is TIME. We have Time to stop and love our self again, stop and think about our future, stop and think about were do we belong and if going back to we’re we were is right for us?
    That’s the most beautiful thing out of all of this.. Let’s all take TIME because you can never gain that back.
    Thanks you and keep blogging ❤️🥰


    1. Thank you Lola!!

      You’re one of the most inspiring and supportive women I know and I am lucky to know. Take this time for yourself as I know you are ❤️❤️ I agree that we might not have been in a place that was right for us and now we can find that path


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